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ANGEL written by Stevie Nicks performed by Fleetwood Mac from the album Tusk transcribed by Susann Disbro-Davis D C G D Sometimes the most beautiful things C G D C the most innocent things G C D and many of those dreams, pass us by C D keep passin me by... chorus: C D G You feel good C D G I say, it's funny that you understood C D G (I knew you would) C D C D cause when you were good (baby) mmmmm you were very good C So I close my eyes softly D till I become that part of the wind C D that we all long for sometimes, yeah C and to those that I look like a ghost thru the fog D like a charmed hour and a haunted song C D C D and the angel of my dreams...angel of my dreams he says....(chorus) C D Now I still look up when you walk into the room C D I've the same wide they tell stories C I try not to reach out D but when you turn around you say "hello" C D and we both pretend .... there was no ending