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ARE YOU MINE written by Redd Sobine performed by Stevie Nicks from the album ????????? transcribed by Elyce Turner Intro: G chord slow country style 2/4 finger pick. Bouncing from Low E to D strings in Bass. VERSE: G Are you mine all the time, Stay up with me through the night D7 G Will the love light always shine, In your eyes just like in mine G Will you share the good and the bad, Bring me joy when I am sad D7 G Tell me darling are you mine, only mine? CHORUS: C G Are you mine (yes I am), All the time (yes I am) D7 G Are you mine alone (yes I am), All my own (yes I am) C G No one else will ever do, I'll be yours, I'll be true D D7 G Don't worry dear, have no fear cause I'm yours Repeat verse Repeat chourus with last line repeated in a ritard.