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AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW written by Christine McVie and Eddy Quintela performed by Fleetwood Mac from Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits transcribed by Paco Jimenez Garcia chords used: F 133211 Bb x13331 or 688766 G/B x20033 C x32010 C7 x32310 or x35353 Dm xx0231 A x02220 INTRO: F Bb C VERSE: (C) I've been (F) searching for a lot (Bb) of gold, like the kind you find at the end of the rainbow (Dm). I've been (F) dreaming thought it (Bb) was in vain. Ah, but now (C) you're here, can't believe that you're back again (Dm) CHORUS: (Dm) Now I know I can't lose (F) as long as you (Dm)follow. (Bb) (C) I'm gonna (F) win I'm gonna beg steal or borrow (Dm) as (Bb) long as you follow (C). BRIDGE/Guitar solo: Dm Bb A Dm C G/B G F C7 F C7 F VERSE: I've been wandering, gone away too far, but the road was rough to get back where you are. And the sun went down, never seemed to rise. Ah, but now you're here with the light shining in your eyes.