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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST written by Stevie Nicks performed by Stevie Nicks from the album The Wild Heart transcribed by Jason chords: F: 133211 Dm: x00231 Bb: x13331 C: x32010 Gm: 355333 Intro F Dm Bb C Dm F Dm Bb Youre not a stranger to me C Dm and you, well, youre something to see F Dm Bb You dont even know how to please C Dm You say a lot but youre unaware how to leave F Dm Bb My darling lives in a world that is not mine C Dm An old child misunderstood, out of time F Dm Bb C Timeless is the creature who is wise, and timeless is the prisoner Dm In disguise Gm Bb Dm Oh, who is the beauty, who the beast? Gm Bb Dm Would you die of grieving when I leave? Gm Bb Dm Gm Bb C Two children too blind to see, I would fall in your shadow, I beleive Bb/C F Bb/C C/F C Bb F Bb My love is a man whos not been tamed C C Bb F Bb C Oh, my love lives in a world of false pleasure and pain C Bb Dm We come from different worlds but we are the same(My love) Bb C Dm I never doubted your beauty, Ive changed Bb C Dm Bb I never doubted your beauty, Ive changed Dm Changed Bb Dm Who is the beauty? Where is my beast?(my love) Bb Dm There is no beauty without my beast Bb Dm My beauty, my beauty, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beast