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EDGE OF SEVENTEEN written & performed by Stevie Nicks from the album Bella Donna transcribed by Jason chords: C: x32010 D: xx0232 Em: 022000 C D Just like the white winged dove sings a song sounds like shes singin Em Ooh Ooh Ooh C D Just like the white winged dove sings a song sounds like shes singin Em Ooh baby Ooh said Ooh C D And the days go by like a strand in the wind Em In the web that is my own I begin again C D Em Said to my friend, Baby, nothing else mattered C D Em He was no more than a baby then C D Well he seemed broken-hearted Em Something within him C D Em But the moment that I first laid eyes on him C D Em All alone on the edge of seventeen *chorus* C D Em Well I went today maybe I will go again tomorrow C D Em And the music there well it was hauntingly familiar C D When I see you doin what I try to do for me Em With the words from a poet and a voice from a choir C D Em And a melody, nothin else mattered *chorus* Em D C D C The clouds never expect it when it rains but the sea changes color D C D But the sea does not change Em D C D So with the slow sad graceful glow of age C D C D I went forth with an age old desire to please C D C D On the edge of seventeen Ooh............ *chorus* C D Em Well then suddenly there was noone left standin in the hallway C D Em Yeah Yeah, in a flood of tears that noone really ever heard fall at all C D Well I went searchin for an answer up the stairs and down the hall Em C D Not to find an answer but just to hear the call of a nightbird Em Singin come away, come away, come away *chorus* Em D Em D Well I hear you in the mornin and I hear you at nightfall Em D Em D C D Em And sometimes to be near you is to be unable to hear you my love C D Em Im a few years older than you my love *repeat chorus and fade*