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GARBO written by Stevie Nicks performed by Stevie Nicks B-side to Stand Back also found on the album Enchanted transcribed by intro strum on ::::::::::G D C D G{{{{{4 count on each }}}}} G D C D G I love to waltz with a man in a dark linen suit G D C D G All alone at a party with someone i knew G D C D from a time gone by ...turn into stone C Bb D G you could be Garbo ....or even Marlene C Bb D G D C D G you could be marilyn ....or you could forget G D C D I play the part w/i all of us do G D C D and i do it so well as i do it to you G D in this town full of strangers... C D in this town full of fools C Bb D G venus doesn't glitter when she stands next to you C Bb when you're waltzing thru stardom. D G D C D you miss what G D C D G D lose yourself in a silvery dress for you think you must do C D what you feel you do best G D C D and you mustn't give it up for you're still but a guest C Bb D G Bf G you could be Garbo....or even Marlene G or you could forget repeatly play 4 counts of=== G==D==C==D oo oo oo forget oo oo oo forget