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GOLD DUST WOMAN written by Stevie Nicks performed by Fleetwood Mac originally from the album Rumours this version from the video The Dance transcribed by Jacques Lirette Tuning=DADGBE Main Chords..(I'm not sure about the G, right fingering, wrong frets maybe, try it within one fret of the ones posted) D C G A |---2----0---4---1-| |---3----1---4---3-| |---2----2---5---3-| |---0----0---0---3-| |---0----3---6---0-| |---0----x---6---x-| Opening rift: do twice then verse:starting with a upstroked D |---x---x--------| (Always twice) |---3---3--3-3/5-| |---2---2--2-2/4-| |---0---0--------| |----------------| |-0---0---0------| D G C G Rock on Gold dust woman take your silver spoon, D(intro) And dig your grave... D G C G D(Intro) Heartless challenge, pick your path, and I'll pray D G C G D(intro) Wake up in the morning, see your sunrise, lovers go down. D G C G D(intro) Lousy lovers pick their pray, but they'll never cry out loud. (Chorus) A G C D Did she make you cry? Make you break down? Shatter your illusions of love? A G C D(into) Is it over now? Do you know how? To pick up the pieces and go home... D G C G D(intro) Rock on ancient queen, follow those who pale in your shadow... D G C G D(intro) Rulers make bad lovers, You better put your knigdom up for sale.. Chorus x2 w/ variation in second:'illusions of love now tell me is it...'