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INSIDER written by Tom Petty performed by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks from the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album Pack Up The Plantation transcribed by Kat You've got a _A_dangerous _E_back_D_ground And _A_everything you've _E_dreamed _D_of Yeah _A_you're the Dark _E_Ang_D_el It don't_A_ show when you _E_break _D_up And _D_I'm the one who _E_oughta_A_ know _D_I'm the one left_E_ in the_A_ dust _D_Yeah _E_I'm the broken (HOLD _E_) hearted fool Who was never quite enough_E_ Chorus _D_I'm an _E_insi_A_der, I've been _D_burned by the _E_fi_A_re _D_And I've had to live with some _F#m_hard promises I've _E_crawled through the briars--_D_I'm an _E_insid_A_er ((((continue the same pattern ))) It's a circle of deception It's a hall of strangers It's a cage without a key You can feel the danger Repeat Chorus I'll bet you're his masterpiece I'll bet you're his self-control Yeah you'll become his legacy His quiet world of white and gold And I'm the one who oughta know I'm the one you left to rust Not one of your twisted friends I'm the one you couldn't love