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NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD written by Little Willie John performed by Fleetwood Mac from the album The Pious Bird Of Good Omen transcribed by Malc Brookes Tuning: Standard, EADGBE. Chords: Ebdim xx1212 Key: b - bend h - hammer-on p - pull-off / - slide up \ - slide down Intro: A A7 E|-------------|--------------------------------------| B|---------10--|--14b-14--------10h12----10-----------| G|--9--11------|-------------11-------11-----11-----9/| D|-------------|--------------------------------------| A|-------------|--------------------------------------| E|-------------|--------------------------------------| D Ebdim E|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|----10--12----10-------10-----15b--14--10----10--12b-p10------| G|/11--------11-------11-----11-------------11--------------11--| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------| A F#m Bm E E|-----------14-------------------------------------------------| B|--14---------------12b-p10--12----------10h12----10--12b-p10--| G|-------------------------------------11-------11--------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------| A D7 A E7 E|-----------5-8--------10-11-12\-----------------------| B|-----------7-10-------12-13-14\-----------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------| A A7 I need someone's hand, to lead me through the night D Ebdim I need someone's arms, to hold and squeeze me tight A F#m Bm E Now when the night begins, I'm at an end A D7 A E7 Because I need your love so bad. A A7 I need some lips, to feel next to mine D Ebdim I need someone to stand up, and tell me when I'm lyin' A F#m Bm E And when the lights are low, and it's time to go A D7 A A7 That's when I need your love so bad. D Ebdim So why don't you give it up, and bring it home to me A A7 Or write it on a piece of paper baby, so it can be read to me B7 Tell me that you love me, and stop driving me mad E F E E7 Oh because I, I need your love so bad. A A7 I need your soft voice, to talk to me at night D Ebdim I don't want you to worry baby, I know we can make everything alright A F#m Bm E Listen to my plea, baby, bring it to me A D7 A E7 Because I need your love so bad. Repeat intro and fade.