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NIGHTBIRD written by Stevie Nicks & Sandy Stewart performed by Stevie Nicks from the album The Wild Heart transcribed by Jason chords used: Dm: x00231 Am: x02210 G: 320003 F: 133211 C: x32010 Intro Dm Am G F Dm Am G F Dm And the summer became the fall Am G F Dm I was not ready for the winter Am G F Dm It makes no difference at all Am G F Dm Cause I wear boots all summer long Am G F Dm My eye makeups dark and its careless Am G F Same circles around my eyes Dm Am G F Dm Am G F Sometimes the real color of my skin, my eyes without any shadow CHORUS C G Am G And when I call, will you walk gently through my shadow? F G F G The ones who sing at night, the ones who sing at night C G Am G F The ones you dream of, the ones who walk away with their capes pulled G F G F G Dm Around them tight, crying for the night, cry for the nightbird tonight Am G F Dm Am G F The winter is really here now and the blankets that I love Dm Am G F Dm Am G F Sometimes I am surrounded by too much love Repeat chorus and fade