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SLEEPING ANGEL written by Stevie Nicks performed by Stevie Nicks from the album Enchanted transcribed by Kat _C___Take me if you need me But___G__ never __F___hold me__C__ down _C__You're asking me to trust you Well there's__G__ little of __F__that__C_ around _C__I'm trying to believe you And I'm __G__learning__F__ all the __C__time __C__Two-part personality The__G__ flower__F__ and the __C__vine Flower and the vine __G__Take me__F__ sleeping_C__ angel __G__Catch me__F__ when you__C__ can Real_G__ love__F__ affairs are__C__ heavy spells For a__G__ woman__F__ and a__C__ man For a woman and a man I__C__ need you because you let me breathe Well you've__G__ taken__F__ me__C__ away __C__But never take me lightly Or __G__I could __F__never__C__ stay No I could never stay Well,__G__ someday__F__ when we're__C__ older And my __G__hair is__F__ silver__C__ gray __G__unbraid with __F__all of the __C__love that you have __G__Like a soft__F__ silver__C__ chain REPEAT THE SAME CHORDS FOR THE REST OF THE SONG Whoa, someday when we're older And my hair is silver gray unbraid with all of the love that you have Like a soft silver chain Well, like a soft silver chain Oh, take me sleeping angel Oh, catch me when you can And unbraid with all the love that you have Like a soft silver chain