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Steal Your Heart Away
STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY written by Lindsey Buckingham performed by Lindsey Buckingham from the album Gift of Screws transcribed by Brad Stribling 1. All [E] alone, we [G#m] go, on [A]day after [E] day, all alo[C#m]ne we suf [E] fer, oh[A] steal your heart away[E]. It's the [E]same old [G#m]thing in the [A]same old way[E]. All alo[C#m] we su[E]ffer [A] oh, steal your heart away[E] CHORUS: but the [C#m]light was gleaming[E], [C#m]down, down, down[E], while[A]we where sleeping [E] [B]suddenly we hit the ground...... 2. so come on, lets go, lets run away, if thats all there is, all to steal your heart away... (solo) (repeat chorus) ends with ... [E] and an [A] o steal your heart away......(till fades)