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TEMPORARY ONE written by Christine McVie performed by Fleetwood Mac from the album The Dance transcribed by MZarou Intro: G5 Verse 1: A D G Where are you darling, D A D G When my moon is rising D A D G And your sun is shining down? D G A Verse 2: D G What are you doing? D A D G D A Are you missing me in a way D G that I'm missing you now D G Chorus: D G The river goes on and on D G and the, the sea that divides us is a, D G a temporary one D Bm Asus and a bridge will bring us back together Intro Verse 3: What are you doing? Going down into Soho once I get my rest tonight. What are you doing? Are you busy with your world? Well, I wish you were busy with mine Chorus Outro: D G(9) D G(9) (repeat a couple of times, end on D)