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THE SECOND TIME written by Stevie Nicks and Rick Vito performed by Fleetwood Mac from the album Behind the Mask transcribed by Welsh *Use a simple 4/4 finger-picking style throughout entire piece Tuning=EADGBe Chords: C: 032010 G: 320003 F: 133211 E: 022100 Am: x02210 C Was it in my mind G Or was it true F C That woman used to Hollywood living G Do you remember how F C The angels sang E Amin And your sorrows left you there E Amin Right before the lights came up C F Do you remember C You took my hand G F C Do you remember, my friend C Did you feel like it was G F The second time with you, C G That feeling of a vivid memory G F Well it had to do C (hold) F (hold) C (hold) C (picking again) E With a dream come true E Amin And someone that you loved E Amin And would always love C F The second time around C For us G F E She never looked back E Amin Someone that you loved E Amin And would always love C F C The second time around, for us G F C She never looked back C She could never look back