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TURN IT ON written by Lindsey Buckingham performed by Lindsey Buckingham from the album Out of the Cradle transcribed by Brad Stribling (capo on first fret) all chords are relative to first =fret position intro: A A 1. now, someone has left you alone, somehow you will carry on, you D A D A A are the man, do what you can, just go out and turn it on F#m D A E Chorus: you can fight, you can pray, you can reach for the sky, you F#m D A E can hear someones soul you don't even know why, turn it F#m D A E ooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 2. now, someone is dead and gone, the hurt that you feel makes you strong, time is aloud medache and power, just go out and turn it on Chorus: you can love you can hate you can laugh you can cry, you can run for your life, you can live you can die, turn it ooooooooooooooooooonnnnn (solo) chorus:you can hurt you can heal you can reach for the sky, you can trust in yourself if you give it a try, turn it ooooooonnnnnnnn