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WRONG written by Lindsey Buckingham & Richard Dashut performed by Lindsey Buckingham from the album: Out of the Cradle transcribed by Braden Pace Tuning is standard Main Riff: e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|--0-0-0--0-0-0--0-0-0--0-0--| A|--3-5-5--7-5-5--3-5-5--7-5--| E|----------------------------| VERSE: Everybody's heard it How everything went wrong Advance was spent some time ago Agent's on the phone CHORUS: Young Mr. Rockcock Where do you belong? The man ain't got no answer The man has got it wrong VERSE 2: Leisure line to Heaven Puttin' on the hits Here we have another Another piece of glitz CHORUS VERSE 3: Lookin' through the keyhole Did I see another Piggy in the middle a Piggy on the cover CHORUS