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YOU DO OR YOU DONíT written by Lindsey Buckingham performed by Lindsey Buckingham from the album Out of The Cradle transcribed by Brad Stribling G D and C through the whole song Riff: e|----3-----| B|----3-----| G|----x-----| D|----x-----| A|----x-----| E|----x-----| G C D G C D 1. Living in exile.........aint the way to go, just another way of dying, G C D G-D whole lot of faces......that you call your own, all those faces are C D crying (riff) C D (riff) C D CHORUS: You either run or you hide, now you slip, now you slide, (riff) C D (riff) C D G you say you will but you won't, you either do or you don't 2.Living in exile, just kinda let it go, you know that it's true, just like a little child, you've got to crawl away, its the last chance for you (repeat chorus) (hold G) Bridge: Somebody's got to see this through, all the world is laughin at you, somebody's got to sacrifice, if this whole things' gonna turn out right (repeat chorus)